The heroes emerged from the Temple, and began to scout out the local area. They found themselves in a vast forested area, and camped out while researching the library left behind by Kavarakos. Thorne took as many tomes regarding Soul magic as he could, as Akra scouted the surrounding areas. When Akra did not return one evening, the party went out to search for him, and after coming across a road, they followed it to the town of Malagoot. Once in the city, they were greeted surprisingly warmly, and soon learned that the local religious order / government was hosting an annual competition. The heroes found that this competition was usually not successful, and though it carried with it a high reward, it had 100% fatality rate. Being the heroes they are, they soon joined the festival, sparing the locals from forced volunteerism. Thorne met a young halfing girl who helped him find some maps of the new landscape, and believed he was able to find his way back to the Nentir Vale, now across the sea on a different continent. The party competed in the Breeching Festival, after finding themselves through a strange other world, eventually meeting up with a contract demon, who let them leave and become the first individuals to ever successfully complete the challenge for sparing his life. The party was taken to meet the leader of the local chapter of the Order of Eternity, who attempted to kill the party to raise as slaves. Not agreeing with this course of action, the party defeated the head (Lord Kirrag) who turned out to be Garrick, who was being mind controlled with no memory of the previous lost years.



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