Fly me to the Moon

After returning to their world after 17 years, the party took part in an annual contest held by a local religious order. After successfully completing this trial, they were reunited with a lost member of their party who had unexpectedly run away with an evil lord. After they broke the spell which had him enthralled, they made a hasty exit from the temple and town they were in to avoid being arrested for murdering the leader of said religious order (who was also apparently young Garrick). After escaping from town they traveled to a small harbor city, and took on a job to protect a traveling dignitary to pay for passage back to the Nentir Vale and their home. During this trip, Harbek awoke to find the crew being kidnapped by a flying ship manned by tieflings. The rest of the party was awakend, and a fight broke out above. The captain of the ship stopped hostilities and revealed the crew was actually Dragonborn on a special mission, and explained that they were attempting to recruit the neutral kingdoms into the Dragovar / Tiefling war. The dignitary on board was revealed to be Erag Ambershard, and was given to Harbek to interrogate, who then threw him from the flying ship. The Dragonborn agreed to drop the party off at the Nentir Vale once their mission was complete, however as they approached the Vale, the ship crashed into an invisible field that seemed to surround the continent, doing major damage to the airship.



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