Welcome to the Jungle

Young Fiddle has chosen to stay with the Vost Miraj. While repairs were being made, the party went to investigate the strange field which is now surrounding their former home. After some deliberation, the captain offered the party a choice, they could fly back to the capital of the Dragovar Empire with the Shadow, or they could attempt to breech the wall and get inside to find out what’s happening. The party decided to investigate the insides of the dome when Thorne discovered they could pierce the shell well below the surface of the water using the reality rending dagger. After pushing through, the party made their way inland where they found the nentir vale had been overrun by plant life, and was now covered in a rich rainforest. The land seemed eerily still, and after some exploration found their old ally Reithann the druid, sealed insider her grove and transformed into a tree. Soon after they met Eriyel of the woodsinger tribe who seemed to have gone crazy but admitted to putting the dome in place to protect the world from what was happening to the Vale. She also let on that seemingly 100s of years had passed. The party found the source of the dome in an old tower they’d helped to liberate, and decided to track down the rogue eladrin who had caused the problems in the land, and were then set upon by a party of their scouts who were able to flank the heroes and have taken them hostage.



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